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29 Sep 2017

How to balance hormones with exercise?

Hormones are chemical messengers that play an important role in the overall development of your body. They send signals to the organs, tissues, and cells in different parts of the body and help them in communicating with each other. These hormones are also a big influence on overall growth and development, mood and metabolism. The imbalance in the levels of the hormones may result in improper growth, mood swings, fatigue, sleeplessness, and sudden change in dietary habits along with weight […]

21 Sep 2017

What is hormonal acne?

What is hormonal acne? Hormonal acne is exactly what it sounds like. Acne that is associated with the hormonal imbalance in your body is called hormonal acne. It is generally associated with puberty but hormonal acne can also affect adults of any age. It is more common among women and there are a lot of reasons that can contribute to hormonal acne. These factors include PCOS, disrupted menstruation cycle and menopause as well. In the recent studies, it was found […]