Healthy Housewife means Healthy Home – Lipi Foundation’s workshop on PCOS

Healthy Housewife means Healthy Home – Lipi Foundation’s workshop on PCOS

Coming out of hesitation and self-imposed social restrictions, talking openly about the women’s health is the need of the hour. There is a saying that “If the woman in the house is in good health then every member of the house will be in good health.” There are a number of NGOs along with Indian Government who are diligently working to educate women about their reproductive health and are encouraging them to consult a doctor immediately if required. One such NGO Lipi Foundation has taken the initiative to educate women about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

According to the studies [1], around 10 percent of women around the world suffer from PCOS and most of them do not even know about it before it’s too late. PCOS is associated with a lot of health problems which makes it difficult for the patient to manage day-to-day life. Even smaller tasks can cause frustration and discomfort.

Lipi has been organizing lectures on PCOS to educate women in colleges, corporate and residential societies about the disease/syndrome PCOS. A few of such lectures were organized for the residents of Sector 11 and HEWO Society, Panchkula. A lecture was delivered by Dr. Mahek Singh who is also Principal Consultant of Lipi Foundation. During the lecture, Dr Mahek explained what PCOS is, its symptoms, cures, and remedies.

It is understandable that it may take little more time for women to come out of the taboo and talk openly about their health. But, a step in the right direction is more than enough to start a chain of positive ripples. The organization is holding these camps free of cost and as they want to reach out to as many women as possible please help and share a word and if you would like the organization to hold such a lecture for you and your neighbors, you can reach out at help@lipifoundation.org or call at 95012 55547.

The workshop was supported by Furocyst® which in an innovative dietary supplement which helps in managing PCOS and Grecobe® which is a green coffee bean extract that helps in reducing free radicals in the body.

1. Sirmans, S. M., & Pate, K. A. (2014). Epidemiology, diagnosis, and management of polycystic ovary syndrome. Clinical Epidemiology, 6, 1–13. (https://www.nichd.nih.gov/health/topics/PCOS/conditioninfo/Pages/risk.aspx#f1)

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