Making life with PCOS easier – Lipi Foundation conducted series of workshops at Trantor Software

Making life with PCOS easier – Lipi Foundation conducted series of workshops at Trantor Software

In the last few years, women have become more open about seeking information related to personal health. However, there are still many personal problems which were considered a taboo to talk about, cause a serious backlog in maintaining good health. Let it be breast cancer, AIDS etc. the government and NGOs are working tirelessly on a number of campaigns to educate women to stay safe and healthy. Lipi Foundation, which is a Chandigarh-based NGO, is working in different fields for the better future of women in the tricity. Currently, the NGO has been organizing workshops, seminars and lectures on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

As per the studies, PCOS is still an unknown syndrome for many women around the world despite the fact that it affects [1] nearly 10% of the women population. PCOS is a hormonal disorder which causes the formation of cysts in ovaries, which disrupts the natural menstrual cycle and causes hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance and irregular periods leads to a number of different health issues like diabetes, insulin resistance, heart attack etc. There is no specific test for PCOS and the detection is mainly symptom based. Cysts in the ovaries, anxiety, diabetes, irregular menstrual cycles, disturbed hormone levels and sudden weight gain etc. are some of the common symptoms which doctor will look for. There is no cure for the problem and the doctor mainly works on reducing the symptoms and providing comfort to the patient.

Lipi Foundation organized a set of three workshops for Trantor Software in its two offices located in IT Park Chandigarh and Industrial Area Phase 2 Chandigarh. The workshops were organized on 12th May 2017 and 19th May 2017. The first two workshops which were held at their IT park office were done in two sessions. The first session was conducted by Dr Mahek Singh who is the principal consultant at Lipi foundation and the second session was conducted by Dr Parul from Bedi Nursing Home. A total of 35 participants learned about PCOS in these two sessions. The third session was conducted by Dr. Parul from Bedi Nursing Home at Industrial Area office in which 20 participants were present.

It is understandable that it is not easy for every woman to talk openly about PCOS thus it is the duty of every member of the family to make her feel comfortable in case she faces any health related issues. We have good medical care in our country and PCOS is easily controllable with proper care.

The workshop was supported by Furocyst® which in an innovative dietary supplement which helps in managing PCOS and Grecobe® which is a green coffee bean extract that helps in reducing free radicals in the body.

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