Positive Communication

Positive Communication

Positive Communication, is an Initiative of Lipi Foundation. The Family Counselling Centre endeavours to help Individuals, couples families and parents, understand, absorb, communicate and mitigate personal, marital, family, addiction or adolescent related conflicts, disagreements and problems.

Counsellors at our clinic help people improve their relationships by helping them understand and use communication tools to be a better communicator. At the clinic we make efforts to encourage positive relationship building. Here we help people to resolve and to deal with their daily life misunderstandings, confusions, conflicts between the loved ones, corporate arguments, expectation management amongst, better parenting etc   The Issues can range from

  • Family Conflicts (marital/non marital)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Harassment at Work Place

Venue : Psychopedia, YMCA, Sector 11, Chandigarh ( Every Saturday)

Mrs. Santosh Singh, Chairperson coordination commitee since 2003, Family Counselling Centre under the aiges of police family welfare society, Chandigarh Police, U.T. Has an experience of over 20 years in dealing with cases related to marital disputes, parenting issues and de-addiction.

And Dr. Mahek Singh, a Ph.D in Social work, She has 8 years of experience in field along with her doctorate in the subject, brings about a unique intervention strategy to create more smiles in the city.