Tips to lose weight with PCOS

Tips to lose weight with PCOS

As we have mentioned in our previous article, losing weight while having PCOS is not an easy task. PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) puts you in a vicious circle where the more you try to lose weight, the more your body goes into denial and starts accumulating fat. Due to the hormonal imbalance especially of insulin, the body is not able to metabolize sugar properly and sends wrong signals that you need food while you do not actually need it. Thus, women suffering from PCOS always crave for more food.

There are many ways apart from doctor’s help which can play an important role in controlling and losing weight with PCOS. It is going to be hard but remembers it is not impossible. Follow the points mentioned in the list below and you will see the difference quickly enough.

  1. Eat right
    Sugar, fat, and salt are your enemies as they play with hormonal levels and make you eat more. Avoid such food products which have higher amount of these three elements and try to add more food items which can help in losing weight. Make sure to keep the protein intake as high as 30% in your diet and cut the carbs to less than 50%.
  2. Exercise
    In the beginning, you can start with moderate activities like walking and swim for 30 minutes and gradually increase it to 90 minutes. Exercising helps in controlling insulin levels which will further help in metabolizing sugar in your body.
  3. Take supplements if required
    There are certain nutrients which are required to lose weight. If any of the nutrients is missing from your body, it will force you to eat more. Check with your doctor and add supplements to your diet. You may have a deficiency of Vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients. Simple tests can reveal the necessary nutrients which you can add to your diet or via supplements as suggested by the doctor.
  4. Try to reduce stress
    Stress is one of the major reasons behind the increase in weight as it causes hormonal imbalance. Women with PCOS are often diagnosed with stress. You can do meditation or try some stress busting exercises.
  5. Sleep properly
    If you have PCOS, it is very important to take proper sleep. You should take 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. Insulin levels get better if you sleep properly.
  6. Quit smoking
    Smoking is not good no matter you have PCOS or not. It causes a lot of problems and if you have PCOS it will make everything worse for you. It causes an imbalance in every possible nutrient level and also causes stress in the long run.
  7. Consider birth control pills
    Check with your doctor before taking them. It is commonly seen that birth control pills help in regulating a lot of imbalances in female’s body. By regulating the hormonal levels, the pills help in putting your menstrual cycle back on track; also once the hormonal levels are in control it helps in preventing cysts from forming.
  8. Avoid crash diet
    If you try to lose weight by getting rid of food, it is not going to happen. It will only make the things worse for you. Take smaller diets multiple times in the day. Make a calorie chart and stick to it. Also, make sure to have a cheat day every month on which you eat whatever you want so that the carvings can go away.
  9. Surgery as the last option
    In case nothing is helpful, you can check with your doctor and see if you can go for Bariatric surgery. It is generally prescribed for people who have BMI over 40. The surgery aims at reducing the size of the stomach (gastric banding) or by making a small pouch in the stomach and connecting intestine to it (gastric bypass). These surgeries result in the smaller stomach thus making it difficult to hold a lot of food. This helps in reducing weight and weight loss starts almost immediately after the surgery. However, you will need to exercise to get into better shape.

Losing weight with PCOS is not going to be easy but if you stay determined and make sure that you do not fall off the wagon, you will lose weight and get into better shape.

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