What to avoid when you have PCOS?

What to avoid when you have PCOS?

It is a known fact that once you have PCOS, you are going to live with it forever. It is true that there is no cure for PCOS but by avoiding a few things in life can make it much easier to live with it. It may look little difficult in the beginning, but in the long run, it will benefit you greatly.

We have compiled a list of habits that you should avoid especially when you have PCOS. Research proves that by removing these habits from your lifestyle, you can live a healthy and stress-free life.

1. Smoking
When you have PCOS, you are at high risk for heart disease, diabetes, and atherosclerosis. Smoking is a catalyst for these problems. Try and get rid of the habit as soon as you can. try nicotine patches that help get rid of the addiction. Do check with a doctor if you need any medical care in the process of quitting smoking.

2. High-sugar food products
PCOS has been linked to diabetes as it creates insulin resistance in the body which forces pancreas to secrete more insulin. This completely alters the way your body metabolizes sugar and results in weight gain along with other health issues. Avoiding sugary food does not mean that you should shift to artificial sweetener as they have their own health hazards. By avoiding added sugar, we mean that you should shift to a natural form of sugar and whole food. Try to reduce usage, if not eliminate artificial sugar and processed food as much as possible.

3. Being a couch potato
When you have PCOS, it is very important to keep up with physical activity. There is no need to join a gym but you should try to start with walking, jogging and lifting weights at home. You can also choose yoga as it helps.

4. Avoiding doctor
Doctors are there to help you, monitor your health. You should not avoid visits to doctor or skip an appointment. It is very important to keep track of your health especially when you have PCOS.

5. Not tracking periods
Your monthly cycle can tell a lot about your health. Irregular periods are the very first and most important symptom of PCOS. When life gets busy it is common to ignore the fact if the periods are regular or not. It will be much easier if you mark the space on your calendar about the periods and keep an eye on any irregularity.

6. Ignoring the symptoms
PCOS comes with a lot of symptoms which vary from patient to patient. Most of the women do self-medication and ignore the fact that their body is trying to tell them something important. In case you find any irregularity in your periods, get acne in adulthood, gain sudden weight or finding yourself in stressful situations a lot then it is time to check with the doctor.

7. Improper sleep
For a woman, getting sufficient amount of sleep is a luxury. If you have PCOS, it is very important that you make ample time for sleep. You should get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep regularly to make sure you do not feel tired. Getting good sleep helps in losing weight and managing stress as well.

8. Not taking proper medication
When a doctor prescribes a medicine, he firmly tells you to take medicine on time. The reason is if you skip a dose or avoid taking medicine on time, your body may stop accepting it altogether. When you have PCOS, the medication can help in controlling the symptoms and avoiding timely medication will only increase the problem.

9. Denial about depression
Most of the women do not accept if they have depression. PCOS has one major side effect that is depression. It is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. If you feel depressed or sad all the time, do check with the doctor immediately before it gets out of hands.

10. Not talking to anyone about the symptoms
The symptoms associated with PCOS are generally considered personal and women do not like talking about it to even to their doctor. This unintentional fear of discussing private information can cause serious issues as the problems associated with PCOS will increase with time. There is no need to feel ashamed or scared to talk about your problem with the doctor.

There are many support groups which you can join to understand more about PCOS. Visit the link below and talk to the members about the problems you face on daily basis. Discussing helps a lot and you should feel comfortable with it.

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